All About Me – Who I is!

I chose the name of this page because it’s the title on my baby book. You know those books given at baby showers to new parents to collect facts about the baby’s birth, growth, eating habits, family, etc. Yep, one of those. I believe the universe had a plan for me and when my soul agreed to come into the earth, it knew the plan. There are no coincidences in my life, I am a very spiritual person. Please don’t mistake that for my being a religious person because I do not follow any organized religion.

My name is Maria Michelle Leggett and I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. My past does not define who I am, let me be clear on that. It changed my path in life and who I became as an adult, but only I get to define who I am. I am not asking for, nor do I want, sympathy. It’s just a fact about my life.

As an adult who survived such trauma repeatedly, it truly changes everything about you. Your innocence is stolen from you by a very selfish human being. If you get nothing else from this blog, please understand if it’s happened to you, YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME. You did nothing wrong. It is my mission in life to help other women and men understand there is no way you could have stopped it. You couldn’t control it. You were a child who was manipulated by an adult for their personal reasons.

I survived. You can too. I am a very happy woman now, but it took me 48 years to get to this point. I love who I am and who I’ve become. It is my hope by writing this blog and following my souls purpose that I will be able to help at least 1 other person to understand: You are lovable. You are not to blame. You can move past this. You are amazing just as you are. You have the capacity to forgive. It doesn’t mean you accept or condone the bad behavior, it does mean you refuse to allow their behavior to control you any longer. It’s your time to take back your control and become the amazing human being you were put on this earth to be. This is your time.

I invite you all to walk with me on my path as I tell my life story in these posts. It won’t always be fun, but it will always be truthful. I will not share details of the abuse on the internet, I wrote that book for myself and I have it tucked away at home.

**Please note, with the exception of my name, all names have been changed to protect the identities of those in my life even if they do want to post on their own facebook pages with the names I gave them. I mean seriously, I’m trying to protect you and you’re ratting yourself out.