We are all worth it

Sunday morning as I slept in and was happy to be able to do so, spirit decided to provide me a message to send out to everyone. I sat straight up and asked out loud “But who am I to deliver this message?” And spirit responded with “I chose you.” And there was a pregnant pause. The understanding to that pause was “Are you telling me I am wrong?” Hell no I’m not ever going to say that, but then I wanted to ask why me and clearly spirit already knew this was coming and I could feel the scowling eyes upon me.

Why not me? I’ve only ever viewed myself as “less than” because I’ve allowed the words of others to affect how I feel about myself. I am not perfect and I know this. I am human and acknowledge there is a human ego attached to this physical body with human experiences. Experiences which have caused pain and anguish as well as happiness and peace. Overcoming the pain and anguish has been hard work. More work than I ever thought I would be willing to take on, but oh how much beauty I see in the world now. Even in the darkest hours I am thankful because I am still alive to feel the human experience.

The message I received was simple, yet powerful. I am sending this out to all of you in hopes that whomever needs to see this message will receive it with the love and positive affirmation with which it was given to me.

Peace and Blessed Be



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