Everyone’s Greatest Obstacle

I knew when writing yesterday’s post I would have to immediately post another, opposing side. The post was long enough without adding balance to the lesson. I mean there are only so many lessons we can learn at once, right? There are times my spirit guides start dropping information and I wave my hands wildly and say “HUMAN HERE! Remember that? I’m human… only capable of so much at once.” I mean two years ago I was just learning about essential oils.. this whole re-remembering thing has been happening pretty quickly and overload comes often.

There are strength in numbers as I said, inversely, there is a time to be alone. There is a time when you not only are, but need to be the single hawk. Being alone in the quiet is necessary for your own growth here on earth. Your soul is perfect and knows everything it needs to know. Your human self/ego, not-so-much. You’ll always find the narcissist person in your life who knows everything. (Just to clarify, this is not to be confused with a pain in the ass friend who has advice for many situations because they’ve been through a lot of shit, I’m just sayin’.) The narcissistic friend is living in their ego which is so much different than living as your authentic self. Your authentic self will admit when they are wrong. Will have no problem apologizing when someone says “You’ve hurt me.”

Our E G O is the hardest thing to get past. Ego keeps us in fear, it keeps us from beautiful moments, it stops us from apologizing. Ego says “I’m better than you and you have to be just like me to be acceptable.” Why? Because we are afraid of what we don’t understand so we live in ego/fear. If we could just move past the ego and into a place of the authentic self we could be so much better as a human population. The ego is needed at times, but not to the extent humans are abusing it.

When you become the hawk, you know there are times when you need to be alone. You need to sit in the silence and observe. You know your life depends upon your next meal and you need to be able to see that small mouse moving or the unguarded nest with eggs. You investigate and notice the small things. If a branch moves was it the wind? Was it potentially dinner which moved that branch? You’re not sitting in a tree kibitzing with the next door neighbor hawk gossiping about how single Gertrude hawk a few trees down had a lot guests over. You know you need to pay attention to yourself and your own survival. Gertrude’s issues are hers and they are not for you to concern yourself with.

When was the last time you sat in the quiet with your own thoughts? When did you last truly and honestly assess why you feel about yourself the way you do? To discover our shadow self and address the issues head on will bring tremendously healing. Our shadow self also has a light to it (again the yin/yang thing) as well as a purpose. Our shadow is the side of ourselves which isn’t all light all light and fluffy. Sometimes we have to do the dirty work, we have to be the yin to the yang. We need to embrace our dark side and use it grow. We can use it as a mirror to show someone their shadow and let them sit with it for a good long time so they can see the energy they are putting out in the universe.

LEARN FROM YOUR PAIN. The most difficult of lessons are often our best teachers. Thank the universe for the hard lessons you’ve learned. Listen, I’m not saying you should state “Hey thank you for allowing me to be abused.” A more accurate statement would be “Thank you for allowing me to understand what I need to teach my children so they understand the difference between good and bad touch.” Learn what you do and don’t want in your life. Use your shadow to your benefit. Learn how to control your shadow rather than your shadow controlling you. Hell, allow it out to play only when a situation calls for it and trust me when I tell you, there are times it needs to happen. When you’re done, tell it thank you, but you’re done and reel that shit back in. Pronto.

You must maintain balance in your life at all times. Here is my blunt, honest opinion. If any teacher you work with tells you that you should only be in light and love and you should never acknowledge your shadow, you have two choices. 1 – Tell them to fuck off. 2 – Acknowledge they are not living a truly balanced life, but see if there is something good you can glean from their teachings. You may be laughing, but I am serious. Life is all about maintaining the balance. Black and white, yin and yang, fat and thin, less intelligent and very intelligent, you get the idea. If you are not balanced you are not working at the highest capacity you can and you’re missing out on so much.

I used to hate being alone in the silence. Having to listen to my own thoughts scared the hell out of me. Why? Because that’s when the memories would creep in. I kept my mind busy so it wouldn’t remember the bad things. Guess what? As soon as I started DEALING with the memories and addressing them head on, I took away the power I allowed those memories to have and gave it back to myself. The memories were no longer strong enough to overcome my positive thoughts. I became powerful and strong. I got to decide what I would say and do and the impulsivity chilled out. Defensiveness? Mostly gone. Now I am able to meditate and journey and see things I would never have been exposed to previously.

The path to being balanced isn’t easy, but it’s worth the trip. You’ll have forks in the road, puddles, hurdles, potholes and whatever else you can think of try to get in the way. That’s all ego. Keep going. Why? Because you deserve it. You deserve love. You deserve happiness. You are worthy.

Peace and Blessed Be.





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